Vintage set of 5 embroidered linen napkins


A vintage set of 5 napkins with a raised embroidered design of flowers, leaves, dots, and swirls. The edges are a scalloped pattern and the fabric is a soft white linen. These napkins measure 34 x 46 cm. An additional set of 4 is also available.

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Please expect “imperfection” when buying vintage items, such as chips, cracks, and small stains. These items have been handled and loved for decades. We thoroughly inspect each item for structural integrity and would never sell something that we would not have in our own home. We believe the “imperfection” of vintage items only adds to their character and beauty.

We choose to sell vintage home furnishings in addition to the other items on our website because we love vintage and we believe the most sustainable choice is using what already exists in the world. Vintage items often have an unmatched quality and a lower risk of toxicity, but they must be chosen carefully. While it is not possible to guarantee a vintage item is toxin-free, there are ways to minimize exposure to toxins. We avoid wood products made with MDF, textiles made from synthetic materials, and brightly-coloured ceramic glazes that may contain heavy metals like lead and/or cadmium. We only purchase items made from solid wood, textiles made from natural fibres, and ceramics that do not have any chips or cracks in areas that may come into contact with food.


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