Organic wool dryer balls


A set of 6 dryer balls made from organic Shetland wool and hand felted in Scotland, plus an organic cotton storage bag. Completely natural and fully biodegradable. Dryer balls reduce drying time by around 30%, reduce static cling, and can be scented with essential oils to freshen your laundry. These balls are around 6-7 cm in diameter, about the size of a lacrosse ball.

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These dryer balls are a great alternative to chemical-laden fabric softeners and dryer sheets. They contain no chemicals and will not leave any coating on your clothes. This makes them great for cloth diapers/nappies, baby clothing, and for people with allergies or sensitive skin.

Each dryer ball is needle felted and then goes through several runs of wet and dry felting. This process ensures the quality of each dryer ball and makes them long lasting, reliable dryer aids. They won’t unravel.

Where plastic equivalents may shred or damage fine fabrics, these soft and non-abrasive wool dryer balls will not.

If you find your dryer balls are beginning to lose their anti-static property, this can be rectified by simply running them through a wash cycle (no need to worry about the temperature, just stick them in with your next load of laundry.)

Dryer balls can reduce the overall drying time by around 30%, making them a better choice for the environment and saving you money on energy bills.

Wool also has anti bacterial properties so don’t be concerned about damp or mold – simply leave the balls inside your tumble dryer until you next use it. Alternatively, you can store them in the bag we provide with each order. Our drawstring bags are made from 100% natural cotton from a Fair Trade source.

You can also apply a few drops of essential oil on each dryer ball to freshen your laundry. It’s best to do this a few hours ahead of time so the scent dissipates slowly.

Dryer balls have also been known to become favorite cat toys and soft children’s toys!

Both the Shetland wool and the cotton storage bag are organic and sourced ethically by small family run UK companies who pride themselves on natural products and a small carbon footprint.


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