GUPPYFRIEND washing bag


The GUPPYFRIEND washing bag was created as a solution to microplastic pollution. This bag traps fibres that shed from synthetic clothing in the washing machine, keeping microplastics out of the water system to protect marine and human health. The GUPPYFRIEND is currently the only scientifically-approved solution to trapping these fibres in the washing machine, and it also extends the life of your clothing.

The creators of GUPPYFRIEND re-invest the profits into their nonprofit STOP! Micro Waste. They run a STOP! Plastic Academy where school children teach other school children how to avoid plastics and initiate local solutions to reduce, eliminate, or recycle single-use plastics.

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How to use: fill the bag half-full with any clothing that contains synthetic materials (polyester, polyamide, nylon, spandex, acrylic, elastane, etc). This includes fleece jackets, active wear, outdoor gear, socks and underwear, and so on. Once the washing is done, the fibres will collect in the bag. Use your finger to sweep out the lint and throw the lint away to keep it out of the water supply.

For more information and FAQ’s, the GUPPYFRIEND website ( is very useful.




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